Barnstead Turner Quantech Flourometer Spectrophotometer

Barnstead Turner


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Simple-to-use fluorometer provide quantitation with a single standard or multiple standards. This device features a large, versatile sample compartment to accommodate wide variety of cells or cuvets including 12.5 x 12.5 x 45mm square cuvets, 12 x 75mm round tubes and flow cell option.

  • Configuration: Single Beam Filter Fluorometer
  • Sensitivity Levels: 25 pg/mL dsDNA in 2 mL assay volume (PicoGreen™) 30 ppt QSO4 in square cuvettes, 20 ppt FITC in square cuvettes.
  • Bandwidth: 5-200 nm (depends on filters selected)
  • Concentration Range: 0.00-9999.99 (ppt, ppm, ppb, ug/dl, ug/ml, ng/ml)
  • Excitation Range: 340-750 nm
  • Wavelength accuracy: 1.5-10 nm (depending on filters selected)
  • Automatic gain setting
  • Data output: RS-232 Serial Interface for printer or computer
  • Display: 2 x 24 LCD       
  • Gain and Range Select: automatic, 6 orders
  • Lamp life: Quartz Halogen Lamp (6 V, 20 W = 10,000 hours)
  • Linearity: 1.00%
  • Menu Driven Software: Std. Curve Storage, 2 to 9 point Std. Curves, Storage
  • Operating temperature range: 20° to 38°C
  • Dimensions (D x H x W): 15.5 x 6.7 x 11.5"
  • Sample holders: 12.5 x 12.5 x 45 mm sq. cuvettes


Seller refurbished. Excellent functional condition.


  • Barnstead Turner Quantech Flourometer unit (Manufacturer model #FM109515)
  • Power cord


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