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Shimadzu's SCL-10AVP System Controller directly controls all VP Series components from it's simplified display menu for easy,user-friendly operation. All Shimadzu HPLC system modules are conveniently linked to the controller by fiber optic cables for swift 'Plug-and-Play' set-up. Fiber optic interfacing enables low noise,high-speed data transmission which enhances system reliability and sensitivity. An optional SCSI interface allows multiple VP Series HPLC systems to be linked.


-The new controller features many improvements including alarger, more legible display and customizable menus which simplify systemoperation for novice and advanced users. Menus can now be tailored to see onlythe parameters that you care about. Function keys,detailed help information(with valid parameter ranges), and a graphical user interface streamlineparameter setup and instrument operation.

-Built-in validation support functions help you comply withGLP/GMP regulations and enhance productivity by reducing the labor required toperform validation tasks. A record of each module's operation is preserved andcan be reviewed on-screen.

-Save method parameters to the built-in 3.5" disk drivefor reference and for secure transfer to other VP Series HPLC systems. ROMversion updates are downloaded from disk for easy updating.

-Operate your isocratic system with a simplified parameter setup.Enterpump flow rate, detector wavelength, column oven temperature and autoinjectorbatch schedule parameters, and begin your run.

-The SCL-10AVP's advanced mode accesses full VP Seriescapability,including the autoinjector's automated advanced sample pretreatmentfunctionality. All operational parameters are controlled by the SCL-10AVP.




Backlit LCD display (320 × 240 dots)

Floppy Disk Drive

Double sided high density track, Disk: 2HD

Input/Output Terminals

External start input (MAN. INJ. in): 1

Error input (ALARM IN): 3

Output (EVENT1,2,3,4): 4

External power switch control (AC REMOTE): 1

Optical Link (OPT LINK): 1 (for Chromatopac)

RS-232C: 1 (for PC)

Remote Signal: 8 (for LC-10AVP/10A module


Possible Component


Solvent delivery unit: max. 3

Autoinjector: 1

Column Oven: 1

Detectors: max. 2

Fraction Collector: 1

Sub-controller or valve interface: 1

2 or 6 position valve: 2 (via Sub-controller or

valve interface)

Solenoid valve unit: 1 (via Sub-controller or

solvent delivery unit)

He degassing unit: (via Sub-controller or

solvent delivery unit)

(Parameter setting files)

Analysis file

Time program

Fraction collector file

Time program


20 files (parameters, time programs)

Total 400 steps, 0.01~9999.9 min,

10 files (parameters, time programs)

Total 100 steps, 0.33~9999.9 min,

Autoinjector sequence file

or analysis sequence file

Autoinjector Sample

Pretreatment file

102 steps


20 files, 250 byte/file