Terms of Warranty:

“The offered warranty is a hardware only warranty, effective for a period of 30 calendar days from the time of delivery of the merchandise (unless, prior to sale, the period is extended in writing by the Buyer). In the event of a hardware malfunction, the sold merchandise must be evaluated by the Seller. The Seller will decide on the method of evaluation, which may require the merchandise to be shipped back to the Seller or a service examination performed by an independent third party at the location where the merchandise is operating when the malfunction occurred. Upon evaluation, the Seller retains the right to choose the corrective action to resolve the malfunction. Corrective action will be either to repair, replace, or offer a refund (full or partial). All warranties will be void if the malfunction is the result of the Buyer's negligence, mistreatment of the merchandise, improper installation, or use outside of the operating parameters as defined by the manufacturer. Seller retains the right to request proof of installation by a qualified service engineer. All warranties will be void if any of the attached security labels are broken, removed, or tampered with."

Special warranty clause: "Prior to purchasing, the Seller and Buyer may enact an agreement in writing to offer the special warranty clause with a specific product. If such clause has been enacted, the Buyer is additionally granted right to return, during the effective period of this warranty, if the instrument does not meet the Buyer's objective requirements due to the design, capacity, or capability of the merchandise. In case Buyer chooses to invoke this special clause, Seller retains the right to request documentation proof from the Buyer, verifying that inadequate performance is due to the sole capability of the merchandise and not external circumstances surrounding the execution of the test.”

"For parts or repair" Items:

Items offered as "For parts or repair" are sold without any warranty and are not subject to these warranty terms.

Terms of Sale:

“Delivered merchandise consists of components and parts described in the 'Includes' section of the advertising as presented. Nothing outside of items listed in the 'Includes' section of the advertising or the photographs provided is included in the sale. Buyer may need to provide consumables, tubing, wiring, etc as required for merchandise to be operable in the Buyer's facility. Buyer may need to perform instrument specific installation, calibration, or validation prior to placing the equipment into service. Please see additional terms and conditions listed with each item offered for sale by the Buyer."