Brand New 2021 Glen Dimplex WVO-5TON-CE-MC-M Industrial Koolant Kooler Chiller 460/3/60

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From laser to food and beverage and manufacturing process cooling applications, Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions (GDTS) offers innovative cooling solutions. We are the home of Koolant Koolers® chillers.

Unparalleled System Uptime

Built-in redundancy produces a 99.96% uptime rate. Smart controllers prevent production interruptions.

Precise Temperature Control

Maintain temperature stability of +/1°F. Custom solutions that perform in extreme ambient conditions as low as -20°F.

Highest Energy Efficiency

Recirculating water saves money on utility costs. Smart controls saving energy and component life.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Robust craftsmanship that is fully tested in-house.

Robust, Customizable Platform

2 to 60 Tons of Cooling
The W Series base model is a self-contained chiller unit with process pump to be used with water or water/glycol. This chiller line utilizes a brazed plate heat exchanger for high efficiency. The options include anti-back flow kits, fluid level switch, auto-makeup, pressure relief bypass, remote digital display and remote condenser. For critical applications, redundant designs with the W Series can offer over 99.96% uptime.

Robust, Customizable

Available in a wide range of
capacities, the W Series can
be equipped with air-cooled,
water-cooled, or remote
condensers and can be highly
customized to meet the needs of
challenging applications.

Product Summary
• Indoor and outdoor models available
• Air-cooled, water-cooled or split
system (remote condenser)
• Water or water/glycol fluids
• Fluid setpoint range 50 to 90ºF
• Capacities:
Indoor: 27,450 to 398,250 BTU/hr
Outdoor: 27,450 to 796,500 BTU/hr
(at 65ºF fluid temp and 95ºF ambient).
Temps can vary but will affect capacity.
• Temperature stability ± 3ºF
(optional ± 1ºF)
• Ambient temperature:
50 to 95ºF (indoor)
-20 to 95ºF (outdoor standard)
-20 to 115ºF (outdoor high ambient)
• Built to UL 1995


Brand new -- surplus units never put into service! 


(1) 2021 Glen Dimplex WVO-5TON-CE-MC-M Industrial Koolant Kooler Chiller
460/3/60 Primary Voltage
380/3/50 Secondary Voltage


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