HP Agilent 1100 G1313A ALS HPLC Autosampler



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The HP Agilent 1100 G1313A Autosampler is designed for the reliability, safety, and ease of use needed in pharmaceutical routine tasks and quality control, as well as for environmental and food analyses. The G1313A features reliable injections from 0.1 µL to 100 µL with easy adaption for injection volumes up to 1500 µL for applications ranging from microbore to semipreparative chromatography. The HP Agilent 1100 G1313A's low internal volume of 300 µL allows minimum contribution to a system's total internal volume. The system uses overlapped injections for increased productivity with sample capacities of 100 × 2-mL vials in a standard tray, 40 × 2-mL vials in a standard tray, or 15 × 6-mL vials in a half tray.

HP Agilent 1100 G1313A autosampler specifications:

GLP Features

Early maintenance feedback (EMF), electronic records of maintenance and errors


Controller-area network (CAN). GPIB (IEEE-448), RS232C, APG-remote standard, optional four external contact closures and BCD vial number output

Safety Features

Leak detection and safe leak handling, low voltages in maintenance areas, error detection and display

Injection Range

0.1 – 100 µl in 0.1 µl increments Up to 1500 µl with multiple draw (hardware modification required)

Replicate Injections

1 – 99 from one vial


Typically < 0.5 % RSD of peak areas from 5 – 100 µl

Typically < 1 % RSD of peak areas from 1 – 5 µl

Minimum Sample Volume

1 µl from 5 µl sample in 100 µl microvial, or 1 µl from 10 µl sample in 300 µl microvial


Typically < 0.1 %, < 0.05 % with external needle cleaning

Sample Viscosity Range

0.2 – 50 cp

Replicate Injections Per Vial

1 – 99

Sample Capacity

100 × 2-ml vials in 1 tray

40 × 2-ml vials in ½ tray

15 × 6-ml vials in ½ tray (Agilent vials only)

Injection Cycle Time

Typically 50 s depending on draw speed and injection volume



Seller refurbished. Instrument is in excellent functional condition. Passes all built in self tests. Unit was removed in current configuration from a working environment. NOTE: Vial tray in the pictures was used for testing the unit and will not be included in the sale.


  • Agilent 1100 G1313A ALS HPLC Autosampler unit
  • Power cable


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