Agilent ASX-500 Series ICP-MS Autosampler G3286A Cetac


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ASX-500 Series Autosampler

The ASX-500 Series Autosampler is fully automated, making it ideal for medium to high sample throughout applications. It features a pumped rinse station and offers flexible rack configurations with a maximum capacity of 4 racks providing up to 360 vial positions with 5 x 250 mL bottle positions and bottles for rinse and tune solutions.
  • The ASX-500 accommodates 90 position - 13 mm diameter tubes, 60 position - 16 mm diameter tubes, 40 position - 20 mm diameter tubes, 24 position - 25 mm diameter tubes and 21 position - 30 mm diameter tubes.
  • The standard 10 position rack accommodates 26 mm diameter tubes but a range of alternative sample racks are available: 21 position racks with 50 mL vials, 24 position racks with 30 mL vials, 40 position racks with 20 mL vials, 60 position racks with 14 mL vials or 90 position racks with 8 mL vials.
  • Three variations of sample probe are possible: 0.8 mm ID (red band); 0.3 mm ID (black band); 0.5 mm ID (blue band). These probe dimensions are also available in carbon fiber variations.
  • Robust, high quality kits for rinse station and rinse/drain tubing hookup as well as Tygon drain pump tubing and connection are available.
  • A z-axis drive assembly with nylon cable may be provided.
  • A very useful USB 2.0 cable (10 ft.) is available enabling straightforward use with Agilent's high-performing ICP-MS MassHunter Software.

  • Condition

    Used. Unit powers on and operates on all three axis with smooth motion.

    Quick video of showing XYZ motion of this unit:

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      • Agilent ASX-500 Series ICP-MS Autosampler G3286A
      • Serial Data Cable
      • Sample bottles as shown
      • Power supply

      NOTE: No sample trays included


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