Agilent G1971A APPI Source for Single, Triple Quad and QTOF LCMS MSD Mass Spec



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Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization (APPI) is an ionization technique available on all Agilent LCMS product models including single quad, triple quad and QTOF instruments.  The LC eluent is vaporized using a heater at atmospheric pressure. The resulting gas is made to pass through a beam of photons generated by a discharge lamp (UV lamp) which ionizes the gas molecules.

Features include:

  • PhotoMate APPI ion sources provide the LC/MS user with an essential tool for tackling some of the most challenging chemical analysis applications
  • Ionization of a wide range of compounds including non-polars
  • Reduced ion suppression susceptibility compared to ESI and APCI
  • Large linear dynamic range for quantitation accuracy


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