Agilent G2579A 5973N performance turbo, great condition, see tune report

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The Agilent 5973 Network MSD comes from a family of Mass Selective Detectors (MSDs) optimally designed for use with the industry-leading 6890 Plus Series Gas Chromatograph as capillary gas chromatography detectors.
The 5973 MSD is a compact (occupying less than 0.2 m2 on a benchtop) unit that requires no cooling water or compressed air and operates on 120 VAC or 200–240 VAC. Each instrument includes a short GC interface (< 20 cm), an independently heated electron impact ion source, a metalized gold quadrupole mass filter, an electronics module, LAN communications, and a long-life off-axis HED (high-energy dynode) detector with a replaceable snap-in horn.
5973 Network MSDs offer true classical EI (electron impact ionization) spectra with the standard EI source. Chemical ionization (CI) operation is available with the optional PCI/NCI (positive/negative chemical ionization) ion source.


Used. Removed from lab due to equipment upgrade. Good functional condition. Turbo pump provided strong vacuum and operates very quietly. See autotune report in the images. 


  • Agilent 5973 Network Mass Selective Detector MSD (G2579A) (performance turbo pump version)
  • Power cord



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