Bacharach Monoxor II Carbon Monoxide Gas Analyzer 19-7047



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The Monoxor® II is a commercial-grade portable  instrument  designed  to  display concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO) gas between 0 and 2000  ppm. This instrument shows the presence of CO in a gas sample by drawing the sample into its sen-sor chamber by a built-in motorized pump.

Other  features  and  accessories  of  the Monoxor  II  include:  A  large,  back-lit  
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), which allows the display to be read in any lighting
condition  from  direct  sun-light  to  total darkness; a semi-detachable elastic strap
that  permits  the  instrument  to  be  either hand held, or hung on nearby objects; a rigid  stainless  steel  probe  with  handle, connected to a flexible hose that allows gas  samples  to  be  taken  from  cramped  and confined areas (alternate probes and condensate traps may be used)


Used. Unit tested to power on and zero'd. Measured CO emission from cold idling vehicle, reading as shown. Unit is not calibrated and may require calibration.


(1) Bacharach Monoxor II unit

(2) sample probes with line dryers

(1) carry case with service instructions


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