Beckman Coulter SX4750 Rotor with two plate carriers

Beckman Coulter


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Major applications:

  • Rapid sedimentation of protein precipitates, large particles, cells, and cell debris.

Product Features:

  • Cell Culture Flask Adapters
  • Modular Disk Adapters
  • Exclusive Aerosolve Canisters
  • Bottle Sleeves
  • Blood Bag Cups
  • Microplate Carriers

For use in Allegra® X-15R , Allegra® X-14, and Allegra® X-12  Series centrifuges.


Seller refurbished. Centrifuge is in excellent condition. Tested to full rotor speed and confirmed refrigeration system is fully functional.


(1) Beckman Coulter SX4750 rotor
(2) uPlate Carrier


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