Bio-Rad Experion Automated Electrophoresis Station, Priming Station, Computer with software


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Experion Automated Electrophoresis Station

The Experion automated electrophoresis station performs all of the steps of gel-based electrophoresis in one compact, durable unit. It automates analysis by combining electrophoresis, staining, destaining, band detection, and imaging into a single, 30 min step. It's an electrophoresis cell, power supply, and imager built into a single device and is designed for easy, precise operation:

  • Highly accurate laser provides precise fluorescence detection
  • USB port allows easy installation and maximum usability
  • Built-in power supply reduces cost and saves bench space

The following types of kits are available for analysis of proteins, RNA, and DNA:

  • Experion starter kits
  • Experion protein analysis kits
  • Experion RNA analysis kits
  • Experion DNA analysis kits

The Experion automated electrophoresis system can be used upstream and downstream of a number of other nucleic acid- and protein-application focused products from Bio-Rad.

Experion Priming Station

The Experion automated priming station consistently prepares chips for successful automated electrophoresis with minimal hands-on time. It is used with all Experion chips regardless of protein, RNA, or DNA application. Preset time and pressure settings ensure optimal priming of the gel matrix into the microchannels of the chip in preparation for sample analysis. This device helps ensure higher quality and more reproducible results compared with less reliable manual priming methods.

Key Features

  • Built-in, pressure-activated release mechanism ensures precise priming
  • Coordinating alignment arrows on the chip and priming station ensure proper chip placement for accurate priming
  • Large LCD display clearly shows the preset time and pressure settings
  • Integrated timer conveniently counts down the time-sensitive priming step
  • Secure locking mechanism prevents early release while priming


Used. Excellent functional condition.


  • Bio-Rad Experion Automated Electrophoresis Station
  • Bio-Rad Experion Priming Station
  • Laptop computer with Experion Software v3.2
  • USB cord
  • Power cords


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