Bio-Rad Luminex Bio-plex 3D Suspension Array System XPONENT PC & 500 Analyte Support



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The Bio-Plex® 3D suspension array system is the next generation multiplexing platform based on xMAP technology. Expanded multiplexing capability, faster time to results, and automation capability make it the platform of choice for high-throughput testing for nucleic acid and protein applications.

Measure up to 500 unique analytes in a single sample
96- and 384-well plate capability
Plate read times twice as fast as the Bio-Plex/Luminex 200 system
Robotics interfacing capabilities
LIS-compatible software
Compatible with the magnetic and nonmagnetic assays

Bio-Rad's Bio-Plex assays can be used with this system. Please check the Bio-Plex 3D Assay Compatibility Chart in the overview before buying assays of interest.

Bio-Plex 3D Instrument

The system comes with all instrument components combined in one shell, a PC, an arm-mounted monitor, keyboard, mouse, sheath fluid. The system comes with the base version of the xPONENT 4.0 software.

Optional Upgrades for the Bio-Plex 3D system

Optional Software Modules
All optional modules can be added when purchasing a system. After the purchase of the system, all optional upgrades can be purchased directly through Luminex Corporation.

21CFR Part 11 Module
xPONENT software provides users the opportunity to enable the 21CFR Part 11 module for regulatory compliance. This module maintains data integrity through the use of electronic signatures. The 21CFR Part 11 module contains the Basic Security module.

LIS Module
This module enables xPONENT 4.0 software to transmit and receive data from laboratory information systems (LIS) and laboratory information management systems (LIMS) using an ASTM file format.

Automation Module
The xPONENT 4.0 software facilitates communication/integration between front-end automation devices and Bio-Plex 3D system. The front-end automation provider can build the required driver through an application programming interface (API), which will be supplied with the automation interface module.

Extra Seat Licenses
Extra software seats allow software to be installed on PCs for data analysis away from the instrument. The system comes with one instrument and two desktop PC licenses. Extra seats come in groups of 3. The maximum number of seat licenses per system is 15.

Swivel Base
The system can be purchased with an optional swivel base that allows the unit to rotate by 90° in either direction. This can simplify connection of this system to certain automation platforms. The swivel base can be purchased either at the same time as the instrument or later.

Multiplexing capability Up to 500 Individual analytes
Dynamic range 4.5 logs
Physical dimensions (W x D x H) 58.4 x 63.5 x 54.7 cm (23 x 25.7 x 18")
Weight No more than 91 kg (200 lb)
Plate heater operating range 35–60°C (95–131°F)
System warm up* 30 min
Sheath fluid pressure 8–15 psi
Sample injection rate 2 µl/sec
Sample uptake volume 20–200 µl
Classification laser 635 nm
Reporter laser 532 nm
* The Bio-Plex 3D system is a class 1(I) laser product.  



Used, received directly from lab environment.  Passes built-in self test and Laser check.  Very clean, nice condition instrument.


  • Bio-Rad Bio-Plex 3D Suspension Array System
  • Elo Touchsreen monitor
  • Dell control computer (purchaser responsible for software license if required)
  • Power cords and keyboard/mouse


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