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The MAUI (Micro Array User Interface) System revolutionizes a critical step in microarr ay experiments. The MAUI System has consistently shown a dramatic 3 to 5-fold improvement in sensitivity and greatly improves uniformity compared to traditional methods of hybridization. The MAUI System accomplishes this by mixing a very low volume of hybridization solution allowing, for a higher concentration of labeled target. With the MAUI System, users can
simultaneously process up to 4 standard microarrays with controlled heating and mixing for user-specific protocols. In addition to increasing sensitivity, the MA UI System minimizes cost by decreasing the volume of precious reagents used and reducing the need for repeat hybridization experiments.


3-5 fold increase in sensitivity
• Low sample volume (~38-40μL for a
20mm x 55mm array)
• Thorough and efficient mixing without
damaging array or target
• Consistent and repeatable results
• Uniform chamber height
• Leak proof sealing
• Disposable consumables eliminates
possibility of contamination
• Low cost
• Easy to use
• Space-saving design
• Custom consumables available

“The use of the MAUI Hybridization System has made a significant difference in the sensitivity and reproducibility of our experiments and simply stated, has increased our confidence in the results. The System itself is easy to use, reliable and has been an integral component in the standardization of our hybridization protocols.”
April 2003 - The Biosensors Group, Naval Research Laboratory

“The MAUI system is a highly economical instrument indispensable not only for micro array core facilities but also for the high throughput microarray user. We have used it for both high-speed quality control applications . . . and for the typical array experiment. We are surprised at the tenfold increase in sensitivity and the exceptional high signal to background ratios and strongly recommend this instrument to our users.”
July 2003 - Winfried Krueger, Laboratory for Microarray Technology, University of Connecticut Medical School

"It's (the MAUI System) real simple and easy to use, utilizes ve ry small volumes, and seems to be quite effective at minimizing background and improving hyb uniformity and detection of differential expression."July 2003 - Dr. Lance D. Miller, Genome Institute of Singapore

The key to MAUI’s success is its patented, ultra-low volume, active mixing chamber. The MAUI Mixing Chamber can be applied to any standard 1” x 3” microarray slide via an
adhesive gasket, forming a uniform, 25 μm high, sealed hybridization chamber. The MA UI System provides active mixing of concentrated, low volume samples by alternatively
inflating and deflating air bladders at each end of the array. This technology increases array sensitivity, uniformity, and reproducibility. BioMicro Systems offers several standard mixing chambers to work with various array dimensions and hybridization temperature requirements. Please contact BioMicro for a dditional information on custom chamber fabrication to meet
your individual hybridization needs.

Microarray hybridization experiments using human cDNAs show that mixing increases
microarray sensitivity. The X-axis represents 6912 spot positions that were sorted based on the median Cy3 signal from six microarrays. Analysis of Cy5 signals produced similar results (data not shown). The relatively weak signal of the non-mixed MAUI verses the sandwich
hybridizations could be a result of target dilution.

DIMENSIONS LID OPEN W 24.1 mm x D 36.8 mm x H 33.0 mm
LID CLOSED W 24.1 mm x D 36.8 mm x H 17.8 mm
CLEARANCES ~ 15 cm (around instrument footprint)
W EIGHT 7.94 kg (17.5 lbs.)
CAPACITY Four slide bays
SLIDE FORMATS 24.9 – 25.5 mm x 75.4 – 76.4 mm
BARCODE ALLOWANCE 4.3 – 10 mm (from end of slide)
HYBRIDIZATION CHAMBER ARRAY SIZE 20 mm x 57 mm (standard)*
VOLUME ~ 44 μL (standard)*
MIXING PARAMETERS Four pre-programmed mix modes (user-defined)
ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS POWER 210 Watts (heatblock) 12 Watts (pump/mixer)
VOLTAGE 100 --110 Volts (220-230 V for European Version)


Used, good condition.


(1) BioMicro Systems Inc MAUI 4-Bay Hybridization System
(1) Power Supply
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