Biorad Chemidoc XRS Molecular Imaging System w/ Quantity 1 PC & White Light Upgrade


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The Bio-Rad ChemiDoc XRS Gel Documentation systems are easy-

to-use, high-performance systems. They use a CCD Camera to capture images in real time,

which allows you to more accurately position and focus the image. While using Bio-Rad

Quantity One software, acquired images can be optimized, annotated, analyzed, and printed.

The Bio-Rad ChemiDoc XRS systems utilize an enclosure (Universal Hood II) that is light tight and contains UV illumination and white light illumination, Please note that the ChemiDoc XRS Camera have external power supply.

1.1 Computer Requirements

This software will run under Windows 2000 or XP, or on a Macintosh PowerPC.

The amount of computer memory required for using the program is mainly determined by the

size of the images you will scan and analyze. Images scanned at high resolution can be quite

large. For this reason, we recommend that you archive images on a network file server or

removable storage media.

1.2 PC

The following is the recommended system configuration for installing and running on a PC:

Operating system: Windows 2000, Windows XP,

Processor: Intel Pentium 400 MHz or better

RAM: 128 MB or more for ChemiDoc XRS systems.

Hard disk space: 3 GB or greater

Monitor: 17" monitor or better, 1024 x 768 resolution (absolutely required), True


Printer: Optional.

1.3 Macintosh

The following is the recommended system configuration for installing and running on a


Operating system: System Mac OS 10

Processor/Model: PowerPC G3 processor or better.

RAM: 256 MB or more for Gel Doc XR, and ChemiDoc XRS systems.

Hard disk space: 3 GB

Monitor: 17" monitor, 1024 x 768 resolution (absolutely required), Millions of


Printer: Optional.


    Used. Excellent functional condition.  Please note, the Quantity 1 software is only the basic version --- not the full version.  A license from Biorad is required for full version. 


    • Biorad Chemidoc XRS Molecular Imaging System
    • ChemiDoc XRS firewire camera with power supply
    • Optional White Light Transilluminator upgrade installed
    • Dell XP laptop with Quantity 1 control software
    • Serial interface and power cables



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