Biotron Biometra T-Gradient Thermoblock with operator manual

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The T GRADIENT is the new high end thermocycler in the Biometra product line. It was our goal to develop an instrument that provides fast optimization of reaction parameters as well as a high performance for daily routine analysis. Both could be realized by a completely new block architecture and the latest Peltier technology. To increase the specificity of a reaction, the annealing temperature is one of the crucial

With the new TGRADIENT different annealing temperatures can be tested within a single run. A gradient with a maximum range of 40°C can be set at any program step. We have taken strong efforts to create a gradient as linear as possible. At the same time it was very important to ensure homogenous temperature distribution within each row. The temperature data for each row of the block can be retrieved through the help menu.

The new TGRADIENT is an outstanding instrument. In addition to the advanced temperature gradient it provides high speed and reliable accuracy for routine applications. The silver block features very high heat conductivity and ensures fast ramping speeds and a fast temperature equilibration.

The new TGRADIENT will speed up your laboratory work because it saves time not only inoptimizing new reactions but also in your routine work.


Seller refurbished. Excellent functional condition.


  • T-Gradient Thermoblock
  • 48-Well Gold Block Module
  • Power cord


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