Bruel & Kjaer 4223 - Calibration of B&K Hydrophones calibrator w/ BOX

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Provides accurate calibration to within ± 0,3 dB

• Calibration traceable to NBS

• Well defined sound source

• High calibration level

• Individually calibrated couplers

• Easy calibration procedure

Battery operated, compact and portable


• Calibration of sound measuring systems which

terminate with B & K hydrophones

• Calibration of sound measuring systems which

employ 112" microphones

• Field and laboratory use

The Calibrator for B & K Hydro-phones
Type 4223 is a high level, precision sound source which provides a rapid and easy met hod for the calibration in air of sound measuring systems which terminate with B & K hydrophones. The 4223 is compact and battery operated and is thus suitable for both field and laboratory use. The principle of operation of the Calibrator is the same as that of a pistonphone, that is, a sound pressure is produced in the coupler cavity of the 4223 by four pistons which oscillate back and forth in phase . Electronic control maintains the calibration tone within ± 2% of 250 H z. Three couplers and an adaptor are

provided for calibrating the four B & K Hydrophones. Fig. l shows sect ional drawings of the Calibrator when fitted with the four hydrophones by means of their respective couplers. The sound pressure levels produced in the coupler by the 4223 are 157, 166, 162 and 15 l d B re l μPa for t he 8101, 8103, 8104 and 8105, respectively. These high sound pressure levels enable accurate calibrations to be made even in very noisy surroundings. The sound pressure level in the coupler volume can be monitored with a lh" microphone: this enables the calibrat ion to be traceable to NBS. T his facility also allows the 4223 to be used to calibrate sound measuring systems which terminate with a 1h" microphone providing that the dummy hydrophone supplied with the 4223 is placed in the coup ler for the duration or the calibration procedure. A barometer supplied with the 4223 gives the atmospheric pressure correct ion in dB in the range 790 mbar to 1040 mbar. The Calibrator is delivered with a set of six alkaline batteries which are mounted in a battery container. The condition of the batteries can be checked by pushing the control switch of the 4223 to the "Batt." position where up on the frequency of the emitted tone should be higher than in the "On " position (approximately 320 Hz with new batteries). The 4223 can operate in the temperature range - 10°C

to + 55°C (14° F to 130° F) , although if an external power supply is used this range can be extended d own to -3 0°C (- 22 °F ). Providing there is no condensation , humidity does not effect the operation of the 4223. The operating frequency of the 4223 can he varied from less t ha n 30 Hz to 320 Hz by using an appropriate external DC power supply. In this frequency range the variation of the sound pressure level with frequency is within ± 2 dB. Further details can be found in the Instruction Manual.


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  • Bruel & Kjaer Calibrator 4223
  • Coupler UA 0546
  • Couple UA 0547
  • Coupler UA 0548
  • Barometer UZ 0003
  • Wood box



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