Civil Defense CD V-777-A Radiation Detection Set with remote detection, Original Box Geiger Counter

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The CD V-777A "RADEF Monitoring Support Set" was a supplemental set to the CD V-777 set. This set was to supplement the CD V-777 set for use in radiological monitoring stations by adding the CD V-717 remote sensor survery meter. The CD V-717 would be used by placing the remote sensor outside the shelter area so outside radiation levels could be monitored without going outside the shelter. Chapter VIII, Annex 1 of DOD, OCD publication SM-11.23.2 "Radiological Defense, Planning and Operations Guide" revised March 1967 lists the contents for a CD V-777A kit as seen above, 1-CD V-700 Geiger counter, 1-CD V-715 Survey Meter, 1-CD V-717 Survey Meter, remote sensor, 3-CD V-742 Dosimeters and 1-CD V-750 Dosimeter Charger. The FEMA publication CPG 2-2 dated Sept 1991 also has a kit contents list for the CD V-777A it's the same as the above list but with 6-CD V-742 Dosimeters instead of 3.

Unlike the more common CD V-777 and V-777-1 sets, these V-777-A kits include the ability for remote sensing by including a CD V-717 remote sensor survey meter.

The CD V-717 was designed for use in fallout monitoring stations. The CD V-717 has the exact same operating characteristics as the CD V-715 but with an added feature. The CD V-717 has a removable bottom with a 25 foot extension cable. The detector element (ion-chamber) is mounted inside the removable bottom. This allows for the placement of the detector element outside of the shelter area while the metering section of the metering unit would remain inside of the shelter area connected to the detector with the 25 foot cable. The CD V-717 originally had to be specially requested in addition to the other instruments (CD V-700, CD V-715 etc) for issue to use in fallout monitoring stations. Victoreen was the only manufacturer of the CD V-717.


Used kits - direct from Government Surplus.  All units in good physical condition.  Tested for functionality. No calibration performed.

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Kit Includes

    Quantity 1: CD V-715 Survey Meter
    Quantity 1: CD V-717 Remote Sensor Survey Meter
    Quantity 1: CD V-700 Geiger counter
    Quantity 6: CD V-742 Dosimeters
    Quantity 1: CD V-750 Dosimeter Charger
    Quantity 3: Straps
    Quantity 1: Monitoring Headphone

    Quantity 1: Original box

    NOTE: Instrument revisions may vary.


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