Perkin Elmer AAnalyst 700 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer with Control Computer

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The Aanalyst 700 is a fully-integrated benchtop design atomic absorption spectrometer, incorporating all spectrometer and atomizer components in a single instrument.

Optical System
Real-time double-beam optical system with protectively-coated, front-surfaced, reflecting optics. Optical system sealed within protective cover.

Littrow design with motorized drive for automatic wavelength selection and peaking.

Wavelength range:
190 - 900 nm

Diffraction grating:
1800 lines/mm blazed at 236 nm and 597 nm

Grating area:
64 x 72 mm

Reciprocal linear dispersion:
1.6 nm/mm (nominal)

Focal length:
267 mm

Spectral bandwidths:
0.2, 0.7 and 2.0 nm, dual height; motorized slit drive
for automatic slit selection

Wide-range segmented solid-state detector, including a built-in low-noise CMOS
charge amplifier array.

Automatic Lamp
8-lamp holder with built-in power supplies for hollow cathode and electrodeless selection discharge lamps. Computer-controlled lamp selection and alignment via WinLab32 software.
Operating parameters are automatically set when using PerkinElmer Lumina hollow
cathode lamps.


Seller refurbished. Excellent functional condition. 

NOTE: If required, any software licensing is responsibility of end user.


  • Perkin Elmer Aanalyst 700 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
  • Perkin Elmer AA-800 Autosampler
  • Perkin Elmer AA Accessory cooling unit
  • Dell control computer with WinLab Software
  • Lamps as shown


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