Stratagene UV Stratalinker 2400 Crosslinker Cat # 400075



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  • For Crosslinking DNA or RNA to Coated Glass Slides, Nylon, Nitrocellulose or Nylon-Reinforced Nitrocellulose Membranes
  • Greatly Reduces Valuable Time From Several Oven Baking Hours to 30-60 Seconds
  • Increases Hybridization Signal Compared to Oven Baking
  • Internal Photodetector Compensates for Shifting Output of Aging UV Bulbs
  • Can be Operated in Autocrosslink, Time or Energy Modes

The Stratagene UV crosslinker is designed to crosslink DNA or RNA to nylon, nitrocellulose, or nylon-reinforced nitrocellulose membranes. The crosslinking process takes only 25–50 seconds, in contrast to the traditional method of baking filters at 80°C for 2 hours. Additionally, crosslinking has been shown to significantly increase hybridization signals when compared to oven-baking. For optimal crosslinking performance, each Stratalinker UV crosslinker is equipped with an internal photodetector designed to compensate for the natural shift in power output of aging ultraviolet bulbs.

The Stratalinker UV crosslinker may be used for Northern, Southern, dot or slot blot analysis,1–3 colony or plaque screening, nicking of DNA in agarose gels prior to blotting,4 dimer formation to perform partial digests for rapid restriction mapping,5 UV sensitivity testing for host strain verification,6 and UV irradiation of PCR samples.7 The Stratalinker UV crosslinker may be used in the Autocrosslink, Time, or Energy modes, and the apparatus is available in two convenient sizes—the Stratalinker 1800 UV crosslinker for smaller membranes and the Stratalinker 2400 UV crosslinker for larger membranes.


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  • Stratalinker 2400 UV Crosslinker
  • power cable
  • Operator manual



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