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VirTis® BenchTop™ “K” Series Freeze Dryers were developed to meet the demand for a research Freeze Dryer that would provide a full range of laboratory processing capability. The compact design plus the wide range of options and accessories make these freeze dryers the most versatile available. 
The BenchTop “K” Series Freeze Dryers are offered in a range of condenser temperatures from -55°C to -105°C. This wide range of condenser temperatures provides the drying power required to freeze dry all aqueous and most organic based samples. Condenser sizes range from 3 to 9 liters, allowing for processing of a few samples or multiple user applications. 
A wide selection of optional accessories allows any shape or size sample container to be processed. Manifolds can accommodate up to 18 flasks at once and adjustable racks allow samples in dishes or Tyvek® bags to be placed inside the manifold for drying. 
Stoppering assemblies enable vials to be easily stoppered under vacuum for long-term storage. Heated racks can be used to speed up the drying process and reduce processing time. 
VirTis BenchTop “K” Series are extremely efficient and easy to operate. The Sentry 2.0 Microprocessor Controller provides a userfriendly interface with full function control for all BenchTop freeze dryers. A graphical wave LED displays system status while a backlit synoptic LCD enables at-a-glance monitoring of all operational systems. An optional heat controller enables temperature to be more precisely controlled to shorten drying times. Powerful workstation software provides complete data collection and historical trending of your freeze drying cycles. 
An automated hot gas routine allows defrosting in minutes to enable quick turnaround of valuable samples.


Auto Start-up– 
Activate all operating parameters in the correct sequence with one button start-up 
Freeze/Freeze Dry– 
Utilize the condenser shelf accessory to freeze and freeze dry low transition temperature products inside the condenser 
Pressure Control– 
Precisely control the vacuum for faster freeze drying and reproducible results 
Hot Gas Defrost– 
Defrost the condenser in approximately ten minutes or less for fast turnaround of freeze drying cycles 
Compact Benchtop Footprint– 
Designed to fit on a laboratory bench or small lab cart for more mobility 
Power Save Function– 
Saves energy, reduces backstreaming, and extends vacuum pump life 
Digital Display– 
Precise setting and readout of vacuum and temperature. 
Environmentally Friendly– 
CFC-free and energy efficient refrigeration systems Choice of Ultra Low Condenser 
Enable processing of a full range of samples (-55, -75, -85, and -105°C) 
Wide Variety of Manifolds and Accessories– 
Options to accommodate any processing configuration Patented Quickseal® Valves–Supplied with all manifolds 
Standalone Condenser Capability– 
For freezing and freeze drying of small samples


Used. Excellent functional condition.


  • Virtis Benchtop K Series Freeze Dryer, Model: 4KBTXL, Part No: 448053
  • Vacuum pump cable


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