DELTA RetroSign Type 4500, road sign reflectivity meter retroreflectometer



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  • High tech filters that accurately measure the retroreflectivity of any color or type of sign sheeting;
  • A calibration reflection standard traceable to an accredited national standards laboratory through an ISO 17025 certified testing and calibration laboratory. The instrument is also supplied with a field calibration standard;
  • Ability to measure all colors of sheeting accurately after a single initial calibration, recalibration is not necessary for each individual color or type;
  • A lens reducer which allows the accurate measurement of smaller letters (15 mm) such as the white letters on a 30” x 18” “Wrong Way” sign;
  • An optional built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) for increased accuracy, and displays specific coordinates where the sign is located, which can then be downloaded into the agency’s sign inventory programs;
  • Ability to store 1000 measurements which can be downloaded to a spreadsheet or integrated into a sign management program;


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(1) DELTA RetroSign Type 4500 kit as pictured


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