Dionex AS40 Automated Sampler Ion Chromatography Autosampler



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The Dionex AS40 Autosampler is a low-cost, metal-free, rugged, automated, sample loading device designed especially for ion chromatography applications.

Key features provide performance and versatility:

  • Simple front-panel layout makes the AS40 easy to learn and use.
  • Metal-free flow path eliminates corrosion and metal contamination problems.
  • Accommodates disposable PolyVial sample vials in both 5-mL and 0.5-mL sizes.
  • Filter caps automatically filter the samples during delivery.
  • Sample can be loaded to loops or concentrator columns.
  • Bypass valve displaces excess sample or trapped air before sampling.
  • Rinse vials can be placed anywhere in the sequence.
  • The output relay function indicates if and when an autosampler load was completed.
  • Automatic switching power supply for universal input voltage (90-265 V ac) simplifies instrument installation and setup.


Sample delivery method Positive displacement against backpressures of up to 690 kPa (100 psi)
Capacity 11 cassettes of either six 5-mL or eight 0.5-mL PolyVials
Vial size 0.5 mL or 5 mL
Filter pore size 20 m
Minimum volume delivered 0.5-mL vials: 0.17 mL per injection
5.0-mL vials: 1.7 mL per injection
External control Input: Load Output: Ready
Injections per vial 1, 2, or 3
Injection type Loop: Delivers sample rapidly to sample loop (~4 mL/min)
Concentrator: Delivers sample against backpressure of up to 690 kPa (100 psi) at ~0.4 mL/min (0.5-mL vials) or 1 mL/min (5-mL vials)
Injection mode Proportional: Delivers volume inversely proportional to the number of injections per vial
Constant: Delivers fixed volume independent of the number of injections per vial
Bleed function feature On: Displaces excess sample and any trapped air through bypass valve before sampling
Off: Delivers sample and any trapped air directly to injection valve
Power supply Automatic switching power supply for universal input voltage (90-265 V ac), (47-63 Hz).


Refurbished. Removed from working environment due to lab upgrade.  Tested, and passes functional tests.


  • Dionex AS-40 Autosampler
  • Power cable


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