Dionex DX-320 (IC-25A) Ion Chromatography System



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This Dionex DX-320 ion chromatography system consists of the following major components:

AS-50 Autosampler
AS-50 Chromatography Compartment
IC-25A Ion Chromatograph


Used. Removed from working environment due to lab upgrade. Under Dionex maintenance until system was placed into storage. All components pass internal diagnostic tests.


  • Dionex AS-50 Autosampler
    • Dual syringes (5mL, 1mL)
    • 100 position sample tray (0.3 mL, 1.5 mL vials)
    • 49 position sample tray (10 mL vials)
  • AS-50 Chromatography Compartment
    • ASRS-300 4mm Self Regenerating Suppressor
    • IonPac AS14 Column 046124
    • DS3-1 Detection Stabilizer
  • IC-25A Ion Chromatograph
  • E01 Eluent/Solvent Organizer
  • Partial box of 10 mL vials and caps
  • Chromeleon 6.5 SP1 software (demo/evaluation version, no license included!)
  • Miscellaneous bottles and Dionex documents
  • Power cables


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