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The EG40 eluent generator is a patent pending device that is capable of generating high purity acid or base eluents on-line at the point of use utilizing only deionized water as the carrier. The EG40 eluent generator consists of four major components: a high precision programmable current source (power supply), a DX-LAN automation interface, a high pressure gas removal device, and a disposable eluent generator cartridge. The EG40 eluent generator can be configured with either an EluGen™ EGC-KOH Cartridge (P/N 053921) for generation of potassium hydroxide (KOH) eluent for anion separations or an EluGen EGC-MSA Cartridge (P/N 053922) for generation of methanesulfonic acid (MSA) eluent for cation separations.
The use of eluent generators in ion chromatography has several significant advantages. Separations can be performed using only deionized water as the carrier. The need to prepare eluent is eliminated because the base or acid eluent is generated on-line at the point of use. Eluent generators produce high purity, contaminant free acid and base eluents on-line. The use of these high purity
eluents can significantly improve the performance of ion chromatography methods.
Traditionally, the acid or base eluents are prepared off-line by dilution from reagent-grade chemicals. This process can be tedious, prone to operator errors, and often introduces contaminants. The preparation of carbonate-free NaOH or KOH eluents, which are widely used as eluents in the ion chromatographic separation of anions, is difficult because carbonate can be introduced as an impurity from the source chemical, from the reagent water, or by adsorption of carbon dioxide from air. The presence of carbonate in NaOH eluents can compromise the performance of an ion chromatographic method by causing undesirable chromatographic baseline drift during the hydroxide gradient and even irreproducible retention times for analytes. The use of the EG40 Eluent Generator System eliminates these problems.
Another advantage of the EG40 is the convenience of eluent generator control. Gradient separations can be performed using electrical current to generate gradients with minimal delay. In addition, the use of the EG40 can reduce the maintenance costs of the pumping system since the pump need only pump deionized water instead of the more corrosive acid or base solution.


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