Dionex LC20 LC Column Enclosure w/ 9126-059 Pneumatic Injection Valve, IonPac



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The LC20 Chromatography Enclosure is an integral part of the Dionex DX 500 Chromatography Systems. It can house the following system components, which must be ordered separately or as part of another module: Separator columns, optional guard columns, SRS (Self-Regenerating Suppressor), DS3 Detection
Stabilizer, and detector cell(s) for the ED40 Electrochemical Detector and CD20 Conductivity Detector.


Used. Removed from working environment due to lab upgrade.  Tested, and passes functional tests.


  • Dionex LC20 LC Column Enclosure
  • 9126-059 Pneumatic Injection Valve installed
  • (2) 42126 Gradient Mixer GM-3 installed
  • IonPac CS5A
  • IonPac AS7
  • Power cable


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