Dionex PDA-100 DX-LAN Photodiode Array Detector



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Do you perform HPLC method development? Do you use UV-Vis spectra for analyte confirmation? Are you interested in peak purity? If so, then the PDA-100 high-resolution, 1024-element photodiode array (PDA) detector is the right choice. A broad spectral range from 190–800 nm is provided using two light sources—a deuterium lamp for the UV wavelengths and tungsten lamp for the visible wavelengths. Therefore, high sensitivity is provided over the entire spectral range combined with a 1-nm spectral resolution throughout this range. In addition, a very low average noise of less than ±10 µAU (water, 254 nm, 2-s rise time) and a very stable baseline drift of typically less than 100 µAU/h (water, 254 nm, 2-s rise time) makes the PDA-100 a high-end PDA ideally suited even for your highest demands in method development. The 1-nm spectral resolution even allows you to distinguish between closely related UV-Vis spectra. The multidimensional signal extraction option from the 3-D data makes detection wavelength optimization possible in only one chromatographic run.

• Wavelength range: 190 to 800 nm
• Flow cell volume and optical path: 13 µL, 10 mm
• Optical system: single beam
• Wavelength accuracy: ±:1 nm


Refurbished. Removed from working environment due to lab upgrade.  Tested, and passes functional tests.


  • Dionex PDA-100 DX-LAN Photodiode Array Detector
  • Power cable


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