Eppendorf 5804 Centrifuge, A-2-DWP rotor, new style, speed verified, warranty!


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The versatile 5804 centrifuge has a capacity of maximally 4 × 250 mL and achieves max. 20,800 × g/14,000 rpm. The versatility is reflected in the available rotor options. You can select between 12 different rotors to centrifuge the following tubes for your various applications:

  • Micro test tubes (0.2 to 5.0 mL)
  • PCR strips
  • Microtainers
  • Spin columns
  • Cryotubes
  • Conical tubes (15/50 mL)
  • Bottles (175 to 750 mL)
  • Various tubes (3 to 120 mL)
  • Microplates
  • PCR plates
  • Deepwell plates (max. height 29 mm)
  • Slides (with CombiSlide adapter)
  • Cell culture tubes

Handling the centrifuge is facilitated by:

  • Low access height of 29 cm for loading and unloading the rotors
  • Automatic rotor detection with rotational speed limit
  • Automatic rotor imbalance detection
  • Clear digital display

All centrifuges in these series have 35 program spaces for user-defined settings and 10 different acceleration and braking ramps. Adapter-specific manual radius adjustment guarantees maximum RCF accuracy.


Used. Speed verified up to 3700 (rotor limit). Nice physical and functional condition. 

NOTE: Unit has a couple of small scratches which do not affect functionality.

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Eppendorf 5804 centrifuge for sale by Express Lab Werks LLC

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  • (1) Eppendorf 5804 Centrifuge (new style)
  • (1) A-2-DWP rotor
  • (1) power cord



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