Eppendorf EpMotion 5070 Automated Liquid Handling System with built-in PC


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The epMotion 5070’s pipetting technology is based on the classic Eppendorf piston-stroke pipettes; thus, protocols previously carried out manually are easily transferred to epMotion 5070. Its compatibility to a wide range of predefined consumables also allows established procedures to be maintained. Before every run the optical sensor checks that the required labware is correctly positioned on the deck and it also checks tip type and quantity available.
Optical Sensor - Verify set-up before the Run

The optical sensor feature is included in all epMotion 5070, 5073 and 5075 systems. It checks the worktable loading for tips, differentiating between volume types and with or without filter. For partly filled epT.I.P.S. Motion boxes the optical sensor can count the available tips. The scanning feature is also useful to verify the labware type that was defined in the method by the user is at the right deck position before the run. The optical sensor even checks liquid volumes in vessels for safe operation.


Seller refurbished. Unit is in excellent functional and cosmetic condition. Received unit from working laboratory due to lab upgrading equipment.

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  • Eppendorf EpMotion 5070 automated liquid handling system with built-in PC
    • Siemens integrated computer with EpBlue operating software
  • Dispensing tool
    • TS300-8
  • 1 case of ep T.I.P.S Motion 300ul  cat# 960050203
  • 1 40 mm height adapter
  • 1 module reservoir 7 x 30ml
  • Flat panel monitor
  • keyboard and mouse
  • power and network cables


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