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The SlideMate AS is the next generation Epredia Slide Printer delivering a smaller footprint than previous models, making it even easier to fit next to the microtome. The SlideMate AS promotes single piece workflow though unique features designed specifically for on-demand printing.
  • Fully integrated color touch-screen and simple software are easy to use
  • Build-in barcode scanner reads cassette information and imports the data to the slide label
  • Connects easily to other computers or Laboratory Information Systems
  • Prints directly onto the slide, eliminating the need for hand writing or labels


SlideMate AS On-Demand Printing System
SlideMate AS on-demand printer with slide delivery system, color touch-screen, built-in scanner, two USB ports, one ethernet port, power cord and advanced software enabling label creation, special panel printing and import from LIS


Keep Your Patients Safe
Your primary concern is patient safety. So why continue to use
outdated batch printing to label your slides?
In traditional batch processing, technicians print hundreds of
slides, then manually match them with specimens. Batch printing
can often lead to errors in patient identification, risking the health
of the patient.
The SlideMate AS on-demand slide printer allows your lab to be
much more accurate when it comes to creating patient slides.
Labeling takes place in your technician’s workspace, right as the
tissue is sectioned. With the SlideMate AS, unattended samples,
illegible handwritten slides, and confusion over patient-sample
matching will become things of the past.

How does it work?
To start, barcoded cassettes are scanned to automatically
import the patient data to the slide label. You work with a variety
of patients, so the intuitive software allows you to select key
variables via a simple input device like a barcode scanner or
through the touchscreen. Next, slides are placed into the printer
and automatically printed and dispensed, ready to pick up on the
way to the waterbath.

Lean Workflow
With its small footprint, the SlideMate AS slide printer fits directly next
to your microtome, allowing you to scan labeled patient blocks and
mount tissue sections directly onto the slide after printing.
Accurate Identification
In your laboratory, accurately identified patient slides are important
to maintaining excellent patient care. Slide printing at the microtome
enables increased accuracy as patient identification is maintained
through grossing.
Batch printing of patient slides can not only lead to increased patient
identification error, but can use up more labor and resources. The
SlideMate AS is designed to print on-demand to eliminate these
issues in your lab.

SlideMate AS has the option of being connected to other computers
as well as LIS or LIMS in conjunction with a Windows® driver for a
formatted label image. Printer may also be used as a Zebra® or other
label printer replacement. SlideMate AS may be used for barcoding
slides within the workflow which allows for additional applications
of automated archiving and digital pathology. Please contact an
Epredia representative about how SlideMate AS can best meet
your workflow needs.


Used. Excellent functional condition. Excellent print quality on test slides. Comes complete with power supply. Please note: Transfer ribbon and slides are not included.

Please see a quick video of this unit in operation:

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  • EPREDIA Thermo SlideMate AS Print on demand printer
  • Upgraded Slide Delivery System option installed
  • Power supply
  • User guide



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