Fisher Scientific StereoMaster 2-4x Inspection Microscope w/ 2 x 10x EyePieces

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Built-in incident and transmitted lighting complements a two-magnification optical system and a rugged design.


  • Head: binocular head rotatable 360°; interpupillary adjustment and diopter adjustment
  • Eyepieces: 10X or 15X wide-field, locked on; optional eyepiece/reticle also is available
  • Illumination: equipped with upper and lower illumination; upper directable high-intensity variable-halogen lamp; lower transmitted illumination from a fluorescent lamp designed for low-heat output; three-position ON/OFF switch allows for use of each lamp individually or both lamps simultaneously
  • Objectives: choice of models with 1X and 2X, 1X and 3X or 2X and 4X, for total magnifications from 10X to 60X
  • Stage: fixed stage; removable stage clips and frosted-glass stage plate; black-and-white reversible stage plate is available
  • Focus controls: rack-and-pinion focus controls with oversized knobs and slip-clutch mechanism
  • Stand: rugged stand with chemical-resistant baked-on paint with stipple finish to resist fingerprints and smudges


Stand, head, eyepieces, objectives, dual illumination systems, dust caps, dust cover and spare lamp
30x and 60x
0.65 and 0.35cm
10 in.
Halogen and Fluorescent lamp
14 in.
7.5 in.
Rack and pinion with oversized knobs and slip clutch mechanism
Baked-on paint Rugged stand with stipple finish
2x and 4x
10 x 7.5 x 14 in. (25 x 19 x 35.5cm)


Good working condition.


  • Fisher Scientific StereoMaster 2-4x Inspection Microscope w/ 2 x 10x EyePieces

  • Configured with 2X & 4X optics


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