HP Agilent 6890N GC G2577A 5973N Diffusion EI MSD, S/SL, CIS 4 see tune report

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The Agilent 6890 is a state-of-theart gas chromatograph that provides superior performance for all applications. Key to its performance is the use of advanced electronic pneumatic control (EPC) modules and high performance temperature control. Each EPC unit is optimized for its intended use with a specific inlet and detector option. Temperature control of the 6890 oven allows for fast and precise temperature ramping. Overall thermal performance provides optimal chromatography including peak symmetry, retention time repeatability, and retention index accuracy. The combination of precise pneumatic control and accurate temperature control leads to outstanding retention time repeatability, the basis for all chromatographic measurement. A full array of traditional gas sampling and column switching valves are available. A new highperformance inert pneumatic switching manifold is available for a number of advanced chromatographic applications (2-D heart cutting, detector splitting, etc).

The Agilent 7683 injector ALS (G2613A) is designed to work seamlessly with Agilent’s 7890A, 6890N, and 6890 Plus GCs. From small-volume injection, to large-volume injection, to multi-phase sampling, the 7683B can help you obtain better data, process samples more quickly, and produce defensible results. With features like dual simultaneous injection, “plug-and-play” installation, ChemStation control, and a large solvent capacity, the Agilent 7683 autosampler can help you run more samples in less time.

The Agilent G2614A 100 position autosampler tray seamlessly integrates with Agilent's 6890 and G2613A ALS to increase productivity to unprecedented levels.


Used. Removed from lab due to equipment upgrade. Great functional condition. Diffusion pump serviced.

Link to autotune and tune evaluation results


  • Agilent 6890N GC (G1530N)
  • Agilent 5973 Network Mass Selective Detector MSD (G2577A)

NOTE: Foreline pump, ionization gauge controller, PC with software not included as part of this sale. System can be configured with additional components, including an Autosampler (ALS) Tray (G2614A), Injector (G2613A), foreline pump, and ionization gauge controller as a separate purchase. Please contact us for pricing.

Gerstel Cooled Injection System (CIS 4) was part of this system when we received it. This portion of the system requires standalone software or an Agilent Chemstation plug-in to operate. This portion of the system was not evaluated but is included with the system. It may or may not require additional hardware to operate.


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