IGC Polycold Systems CryoTiger compact cooler, chiller T1101-01-000-14


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The IGC Polycold compact Cooler is a compact, high-performance cooling system that brings new levels of efficiency and reliability to demanding applications such as high-resolution digital imaging, analytical chemistry, life sciences, materials analysis, semiconductor inspection, scientific research and water vapor cryotrapping. With its compact design and remote cold end, the PCC delivers a robust heat removal system capable of maintaining temperatures as low as -203° C (70 Kelvin) — all in a small footprint. 


For parts or repair. Power tested only. We do not have any cold ends to test this unit with. The compressor sounds good and the unit goes into vacuum once running. We did replace the two circulating cooling fans. Per the pressure gauge, the unit will require refrigerant charging.


  • CryoTiger chiller. No cold ends included.


No warranty. Sold for parts or repair.


This is a genuine product from this manufacturer.