Illumina HiSeq 2000 neXtGen Genome Sequencer with Computer


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TheHiSeq® system combines innovative engineering with proven SBS technology to set
new standards in output,simplicity,and cost-effectiveness.

The HiSeq 2000 includes the following features:

Dual-surface imaging
—The HiSeq 2000 uses a 4-camera epifluorescence system with
cutting-edge scanning technology to enable dual surface imaging.

Dual flow cells
—The HiSeq 2000 is a dual flow cell system,which allows sequencing
of a single flow cell or 2 flow cells with different read lengths simultaneously.

High-capacity reagent chiller
—The reagent compartment is a high-capacity chiller that
holds enough reagents for the entire sequencing run.

Integrated fluidics for paired-end runs
—Integrated paired-end fluidics provide reagents from the reagent compartment
to the flow cell for Read 2 resynthesis and for indexed sequencing.

Interface control options
—The instrument software interface provides options for
setting up a run and operating the instrument using the touch screen monitor
or the integrated keyboard.

Real-time base calling
—The instrument software extracts intensities from images and
performs quality-scored base calling on the instrument computer,which allows
monitoring of quality metrics during the run and saves time during subsequent
data analysis.

Downstream analysis of sequencing data can be performed with Illumina analysis
software or third-party software on Illumina Compute, Illumina Base Space,or a custom

Base Space connectivity
—The HiSeq 2000 features an option to send instrument health
and sequencing data to the Base Space genomics cloud solution in real time to
streamline instrument quality control and analysis.



Seller refurbished. Excellent functional condition. 

NOTE: If required, any software licensing is responsibility of end user.


  • Hiseq 2000 instrument
  • Dell Precision T7500 Computer
  • Touchscreen
  • interface cables
  • barcode scanner

NOTE: Reagent trays not included.


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