Instech P720 Standard LOW FLOW Compact Peristaltic Pump 0.05 - 1 mL/min w/ Power supply


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Instech’s P720 peristaltic pumps deliver the accurate low flow rates of syringe pumps without the limits on delivered volume. They are ideal for infusion, tissue perfusion, and other low-flow laboratory applications.
The pump’s analog circuitry has been carefully designed to minimize electromagnetic radiation; for this reason, the pump is often used for tissue perfusion even in the presence of sensitive intracellular recordings.
Instech offers this pump with three different motors; choose the motor and tube set size that best match your flow rate requirements. In general, use the standard P720 for flows between 0.05 and 1 mL/min, the lower flow P720/10K for rates between 5 and 100 μL/min, and then the higher-flow P720/66 for rates up to 18 mL/min (1 L/hr).
With a given tube set size, the pump performs best over a 10:1 flow control range. You control pump speed with dials (0-100) which convert to flow rate with a single
point calibration, or use an external input voltage (which can run the pump in either direction)


Used. The item is tested and is in excellent working condition. Please note, this is the Standard P720 Low Flow model which can be powered with the AC wall adapter or internal 9 Volt battery.  No tubing / accessories included.

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  • Instech P720 Standard LOW FLOW Compact Peristaltic Pump 0.05 - 1 mL/min
  • AC adapter power supply
  • Manual



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