ISCO 4230 Bubbler Flow Meter, parts or repair



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The 4230 uses the bubbler method of level measurement. The flow meter is normally used with some type of primary measuring device to measure flow in an open channel. The 4230 has built-in standard level-to-flow conversions, that cover the vast majority of open channel flow measurement situations. The 4230 is also capable of calculating flow using the Manning Equation. Additionally, you can enter a non-standard equation or data points, that effectively plot a user-derived flow profile for a flow stream. The 4230 supports the Isco data acquisition, storage, and retrieval system with the use of optional Flowlink software. The 4230 has enough memory to store over 40,000 data readings. An optional 4200T Modem, with speech capability, is available to transmit stored data over standard dial-up telephone lines.


Parts or repair. Unit was power tested. Printer is missing components and indicates a jam. No power supply or battery is included.


(1) ISCO 4230 Bubbler Flow Meter


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