Ismatec IPC-12 ISM932 Standard-Speed Digital Peristaltic Pump 12-Channel


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Fewer tubing changes!

  • Flow rate of 0.002 to 44 mL/min per channel - flow rate depends on drive rpm and tubing size│Planetary drive for less pulsation and longer tubing life

  • Control via keypad, computer, or remote control│Smooth rotation and accurate liquid flow provided by eight SS rotors

  • Easy repeatability with four-digit LED

  • Simple to use—automatic occlusion cartridges provide reproducible results


These multichannel programmable pumps feature planetary gears that drive eight stainless steel rollers in unison for smooth rotation and accurate liquid flow. The four-digit LED display shows flow rate or rpm when pump is running. Use the MAX button to instantly increase speed for priming or flushing without disturbing your programmed settings.

Combine tubing sizes and formulations to suit your application. Click’n’go™ cartridges feature automatic occlusion for simplified use, fewer tubing changes, and reproducible results. Adjustable occulsion cartridges are available separately. Install cartridges in one direction for low pulsation; in opposite direction for higher counter pressure.

Order the two-stop tubing size and formulation to suit your application needs (sold separately). More than 100 options exist—the most popular sizes and formulations can be found under Accessories below!

Ideal for continuous pumping or for dispensing in any of five modes:
- Flow rate: 0.0004 to 44 mL/min (depending on tubing size used and model used)
- By time: 0.1 seconds to 999.9 hours
- Batches: set delay between dispensed volumes
- Drip-free: program back-steps to prevent drips
- Volume displays in mL or µL

Pumps feature analog input and output controls, as well as an RS-232 interface for control by a computer.

Remote control capabilities: RS-232 to control all operating functions (DB9 male); 0 to 5 VDC, 0 to 10 VDC, 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA for start/stop and autostart via contact closure (DB15 male); footswitch (three-pin DIN port). Monitor speed via analog output.


Characteristics - microprocessor controlled
- planetary drive with 8 actively driven stainless steel rollers
- low pulsation
- high repeatability on all channels
- paint finished stainless steel housings
Tubing type 2-stop color-coded tubing, 0.13 3.17 mm i.d.
Tube-bed - CA Click'n'go cassettes
- simple handling
- automatic occlusion setting
- defined and reproducible occlusion conditions
- each channel allows individual tubing selection
Operating panel - 6-button membrane key-pad
- LED display
- MAX key for fast filling or emptying the tubing system
Operating modes - pumping by drive speed (in %)
- pumping by flow rate (ml/min)
- factory-set flow rates for all available tube sizes
- dispensing by volume (ml)
- dispensing by time (0.1s up to 999hrs)
- dispensing by volume within a pre-set time
- interval dispensing by volume with a pause
- interval dispensing by time with a pause
- setting the number of dispensing cycles
- pause time setting (from 0.1s up to 999hrs)
- roller back-steps for drip-free dispensing

- stand-by mode — prevents the tubing system from drying out
- reversible rotation direction
Calibrating function - for flow rate (ml/min)
- for volume (ml)
Rotor speed - 0.4 45.0 rpm (IPC)
- 0.11 11.25 rpm (IPC-N)
Speed setting - in %, resolution 0.1% (rpm)
- in µl/min or ml/min (flow rate)
Speed control closed loop control for load independent speed
RS232 interface RS232 "in" - for operation controlling via PC
RS232 "out" - for cascading up to 8 pumps
Digital inputs (TTL level) Run/Stop, rotation direction, autostart
Analog input Speed control (05 or 010V / 020 or 420mA)
Analog output Speed monitoring (010VDC)
Differential pressure 1.0 bar (14.5 psi) possible (depending on tubing material);
small tubing diameters and/or cassettes with pressure lever allow higher pressures
Motor type DC motor
Power consumption   30 W
Power supply 115/230VAC; 50/60Hz
Protection rating IP 30



Seller refurbished. Excellent functional and cosmetic condition.

Video of this unit in operation:


(1) Ismatec ISM932 Standard-Speed Digital Peristaltic Pump Model 12-Channel
(12) Cassettes
(1) Power cable




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