Labconco RapidVap Vacuum Solvent Evaporation System - vortex motion, heat, and vacuum


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    System combines vortex motion, heat, and vacuum to quickly evaporate solvents from multiple biological or analytical samples. The microprocessor-controlled agitation at 1000rpm causes the liquid sample to form a vortex configuration that helps prevent bumping and greatly increases the surface area, enhancing evaporation. Rear-mounted vacuum port and electrical receptacle allow connection to a vacuum pump.

    Memory stores 1 to 9 programs. Microprocessor-controlled programming for vortex speed from 0 to 100%; heat from OFF to 100°C; time from 1 to 999 minutes; vacuum level from 0 to 999mBar. LCD for display of program number, actual and set point, vortex speeds, temperatures, time remaining, and point vacuum level. Control panel with run/stop button, preheat/end alarm button and indicator light, set point selection buttons, and increase/decrease programming buttons. Audible alarm for timed end point. Audible/visual alarm for endpoint detected by temperature sensors at heater and block.

    System consists of a glacier white and charcoal epoxy-coated aluminum base with thermoplastic upper housing, a fluoropolymer resin-coated cast aluminum chamber and a 1.3cm (1/2") thick glass lid with safety switch/alarm.



    Excellent functional condition - bench tested under vacuum.


    • (1) Labconco RapidVap Vacuum Solvent Evaporation System Model 79000-00-A
    • Power cable



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