Ismatec ISM990A Digital Peristaltic pump 12-Channel Lachat RP-100 Reagent pump


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These multichannel programmable pumps feature planetary gears that drive eight stainless steel rollers in unison for smooth rotation and accurate liquid flow. The four-digit LED display shows flow rate or rpm when pump is running. Use the MAX button to instantly increase speed for priming or flushing without disturbing your programmed settings.

Combine tubing sizes and formulations to suit your application. Click’n’go™ cartridges feature automatic occlusion for simplified use, fewer tubing changes, and reproducible results. Adjustable occulsion cartridges are available separately. Install cartridges in one direction for low pulsation; in opposite direction for higher counter pressure.

Ideal for continuous pumping or for dispensing


Seller refurbished. Excellent functional and cosmetic condition.


(1) Lachat RP-100 / Ismatec ISM990A Standard-Speed Digital Peristaltic Pump 12-Channel
(1) Power cable

NOTE: No cassettes/cartridges included


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