Leica GZ6 Stereo Zoom Microscope with transmitted light / reflected light table



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The Leica StereoZoom GZ6 stereo microscopes are ideal for biomedical research, semiconductor inspection and other laboratory applications, which require 3-D viewing capability. The GZ6 body is manufactured from ZeroStat, a rugged, lightweight material, which is designed to dissipate electrostatic charge and reduce dust attraction. The pre-centered optical mounting system offers a 6:1 zoom ratio, 22mm field of view and a magnification range of 6.7X to 40X. The standard working distance of 115mm increases working space without the use of auxiliary lenses. Adjustable zoom stops allow for repeatable magnification during use. T


Seller refurbished. Nice clean optics, smooth and tight zoom movement.


  • Leica GZ6
  • 15x / 15.6 eyepieces
  • Leica transmitted light / reflected light table



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