AZUR Microtox M500 50A000/002 Toxicity Analyzer

Azur Microtox


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Microtox utilizes a bioluminescent bacteria (Allivibrio fischeri) to determine the toxicity of a particular substance and/or substrate. The Microtox M500 is a laboratory-based photometer that measures acute toxicity. This analyzer is a temperature-controlled, self-calibrating biosensor measuring system that uses the bioluminescence of Allivibrio fischeri to determine the toxicity of contaminated water, or elutriates of contaminated soils and sediments.



Parts or repair only.  We do not have the means to test the unit for full functionality.  Unit does power on.  It was received directly from a lab which indicated the unit had very low use, but without being able to perform testing -- we can only offer as-is without warranty.  Software disk is included, but no license key.  Program will work for 30 days in demo mode.


  • AZUR MicroTox M500 Analyzer 50A000/002
  • Power cable
  • Operation manuals
  • Microtox OMNI 4.1 software disk (no keycode)


Offered as-is, without warranty.  Parts or repair only, no returns.


This is a genuine product from this manufacturer.