Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS ZEN3600 - 2021 Calibration - Excellent Shape!



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The Zetasizer Nano ZS incorporates three techniques in a single compact unit:

  • Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) is used to measure particle and molecule size. This technique measures the diffusion of particles moving under Brownian motion, and converts this to size and a size distribution using the Stokes-Einstein relationship. Measurement of size as a function of concentration enables the calculation of kD, the DLS interaction parameter.
  • Laser Doppler Micro-electrophoresis is used to measure zeta potential. An electric field is applied to a solution of molecules or a dispersion of particles, which then move with a velocity related to their zeta potential. An available surface zeta potential accessory uses tracer particles to measure electro-osmosis close to a sample surface to calculate the zeta potential of the surface.
  • Static Light Scattering is used to determine the molecular weight of proteins and polymers. In this technique, the scattering intensity of a number of concentrations of the sample is measured, and used to construct a Debye plot. From this the average molecular weight and second virial coefficient A2 can be calculated, which gives a measure of molecule solubility.

Particle size and molecular size

  • Measurement range: 0.3 nm – 10.0 µm (diameter)
  • Minimum sample volume: 12 µL
  • Sensitivity: 0.1 mg/mL (Lysozyme)

Zeta potential

  • Measurement range: 3.8 nm – 100 µm (diameter)
  • Minimum sample volume: 150 µL (20 µL using diffusion barrier method)
  • Sensitivity: 10 mg/mL (BSA)

Molecular weight

  • Measurement range: 980Da – 20M Da*
  • Minimum sample volume: 12µL (3-5 sample concentrations required)
  • Accuracy: +/- 10% typical


  • Temperature control range: 0°C – 90°C +/-0.1
  • Light source: He-Ne laser 633nm
  • Laser safety: Class 1


Excellent condition.  Comes with Windows 10 laptop and instrument software.


  • Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS ZEN3600
  • Windows 10 Laptop computer with Zetasizer 7.11 instrument software
  • Power cord and USB interface cable
  • User manual


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