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Open top cryostat. Modular design. Stainless steel cooling chamber. Chamber temperature regulation variable from -10°C down to -35°C. When the instrument is equipped with the option O, the specimen temperature can be controlled from +10°C down to -50°C.

Graphic LC-display of set and actual temperatures, electronic control with user-oriented touchpad keyboard, battery-buffered memory and self-diagnostic system. Standby and sleep status for noise reduction and energy savings. Automatic defrosting and in addition a manual defrost cycle which can be activated when needed. Defrost interrupt on key-stroke request. Integrated fast freezing device with controlled cooling element down to -60°C (option P). Sliding window with heater and integrated fluorescent lamp for cryo-chamber. Brush shelf and storage space inside the cryo-chamber. Large, flat storage space on top of the housing with integrated storage space for marked slides.

Rotary Microtome with backlash and maintenance-free cross roller bearings in stainless steel. Electro-mechanical feed system.

Section thickness setting from 1 to 100 microns;
up to 10 μm in 1 μm-increments,up to 20 μm in 2 μm-increments,
up to 70 μm in 5 μm-increments andup to 100 μm in 10 μm-increments.

Trimming thickness setting from 5 to 500 microns;

up to 10 μm in 5 μm-increments,
up to 100 μm in 10 μm-increments,
up to 200 μm in 20 μm-increments and
up to 500 μm in 50 μm-increments

Specimen retraction during the return stroke with optical indication. Horizontal feed range 28 mm. Vertical cutting stroke 60 mm. Max. specimen size 75 x 55 mm.

Motorized coarse feed in two directions with three speed selections. Limit indication and automated switch off at front and rear limits of horizontal travel. Automatic approach system for exact and safe ap-proach of specimen towards the knife edge from -5°C to -35°C.

Section counter and indication of sum of section thicknesses with reset-button. Indication of remaining travel.

Hand wheel brake in any position. Fine orientation of specimen with zero device. Rotatable on Z-axis, 360°.

Basic outfit with three specimen chucks, 118 ml freezing medium, 100 ml cryostat oil, brush shelf and section waste tray, consisting of two parts.


Used. Pulled as surplus equipment due to laboratory upgrade. Unit cooled and cutting drive operates smooth and freely. Equipped with the following options:

  • O - Specimen cooling
  • M - Motorized cutting drive
  • V - Vacutome
  • P - Active deep freezing station with peltier element

Quick video of the cutting drive in motion:

HM550 cryostat - YouTube


  • Microm HM550 OMVP (v 1.10) with blade holder (as pictured)
  • Foot pedal
  • Power cable


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