Oakton Waterproof pHTestr2 microprocessor based pH tester with ATC



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Oakton Waterproof pHTestr 2 features waterproof, dustproof housing that floats-—and ATC!

  • Replaceable electrode lets you reuse same meter body, saving you money
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
  • Push-button three-point calibration
  • Microprocessor-based
  • Auto buffer recognition
  • Hold function; auto-off; error messages
  • Certifiable to IP67 standards

Never again watch your tester sink to the bottom of a tank or pond-—the OAKTON Waterproof pHTestr 2 floats!

Automatic Temperature Compensation and three point push-button calibration give you high accuracy even under varying temperature conditions. The replaceable electrode lets you reuse the Testr body many times over which saves you money.


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(1) Oakton Waterproof pHTestr2


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