Perkin Elmer EDL System 2 Electrodeless Discharge Lamp Power Supply Dual Lamp

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The Perkin-Elmer EDL System 2 is a dual-channel Power supply that incorporates a unique RF lamp driver design for operating electrodeless discharge lamps.

An electrodeless discharge lamp (EDL) consists of a quartz bulb containing the element or a salt of the element to be determined in an inert gas atmosphere. When an RF field is applied to the buib, the inert gas is ionized and the coupled energy excites the vaporized analyte atoms. The emission spectra produced is typically muck more intense than that from hollow cathode lamps. For several elements, EDLs can also provide improved sensitivity and linearity due to the greater spectral purity of their emission.

 The EDL System 2 consists of two major components — a dual channel power supply with dual RF driver assemblies and the interchangeable lamp "sleeves." The EDL System 2 power supply is a highly regulated constant current power supply with two independently controlled output channels allowing simultaneous operation of two EDLs.

All RF power necessary to operate the lamps is generated in the lamp driver assemblies. The lamp sleeve contains the prealigned bulb for the element of interest. Lamp sleeves can be easily interchanged and no positioning of the prealigned bulb is necessary. System 2 EDL light sources also include a coding adapter plug that allows automatic setup for those Perkin-Elmer atomic absorption models with automatic lamp code reading capabilities.

To allow operation with virtually all Perkin-Elmer AA spectrometers, the EDL System 2 may be operated in continuous or modulated modes. In the modulated mode, lamp operation is synchronized with Instrument operation using a cable to connect the EDL System 2 power supply to the spectrometer.

The EDL System 2 is compatible with all Perkin-Elmer atomic absorption spectrometers except the Models 103, 107, 290, 290B and 280.


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  • Perkin Elmer EDL System 2 Electrodeless Discharge Lamp Power Supply Dual Lamp
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