Perkin Elmer - Series 200 LC Autosampler w/ 100 position sample tray

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The PerkinElmer Series 200 LC Autosampler is an advanced sample processor that can be used with virtually every liquid chromatography system or application. You configure the Autosampler and define all of your methods and operations using function keys on a key-board located on the front panel of the instrument. A backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) located directly above the keyboard shows both status information about the instrument and provides access to the screens you use to define methods and set configuration parameters. If you use the PerkinElmer Series 200 LC Pump, you will find that the Autosampler front panel is almost identical to the one on the Pump. In addition, the Pump and the Autosam-pler share many common operating features that will allow you to get your system up and running quickly. The Series 200 LC Autosampler provides you with interchangeable technol-ogy so that you do not have to buy a new Autosampler and learn new user interfaces every time your needs change.

Series 200 LC Autosampler Features and Benefits

• Upgradable to biocompatible versions for maximum flexibility.
• Small, compact design (12.5 inches (31.8 cm) wide) saves valuable bench space.
• Directory of up to 20 methods.
• Ability to link up to 10 methods together in a sequence.
• Priority method which allows you to interrupt a method or sequence to run critical samples. The method or sequence resumes once the priority samples are analyzed.
• Edit the active method or sequence in real-time with easy access function keys.
• Large backlit liquid crystal display allows clear viewing of autosampler method and operating parameters at all times.
• Tactile keyboard with unique “key click” so that you know your entry has been made.
• Phone type contact closure connections and finger tight plumbing fittings make it simple to connect or disconnect your system.
• Full method documentation including modification with method name, number, date and time stamp.
• Visual access front-door panel allows quick plumbing inspection and easy servicing.
• Maintenance log coded by the serial number of the autosampler, including autosampler injection cycles.
• Instrument log records history of operation for quick diagnosis and servicing to get you up and running quickly.
• Extensive service diagnostics.
• Sampler module can be completely removed to lab bench for maintenance without having to unstack modules.



Received from lab surplus.  Passes self tests.  Instrument does not include sample needle.


  • Perkin Elmer Series 200 autosampler
  • 100 position sample tray
  • power cord


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