Perkin Elmer Series 200 LC Pump - Fully Tested

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Perkin-Elmer Series 200 HPLC Pump

Flow Rate Range: 0.01 mL/min to 10.0 mL/min
  • Choice of Microbore, Isocratic, Binary or Quaternary Solvent Delivery
  • Automated Solvent Compensation
  • Minimal Pulsations
  • Low Mixing Volume
  • No Air Bubbles


Top performance characteristics are what you have come to expect from PerkinElmer™ LC pumps. Perkin Elmer has taken this exceptional patented design and put it all into a common, upgradable pump platform. The PerkinElmer Series 200 Pumps is a fifth-generation pump with superior flow rate precision, compositional accuracy and exceptional retention time repeatability for all separations - isocratic or gradient. While the new Series 200 Micro Pumps provide precise high pressure gradients and pulseless flow for microbore, narrowbore, LC/MS and analytical requirements. The PerkinElmer Series 200 Pump provides stand-alone capability or full external control through TotalChrom™ Chromatography Workstation. 


Great working unit.  Fully Tested. 


  • Perkin Elmer Series 200 HPLC pump
  • power cord


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