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PermeGear’s V9-CA Manual Diffusion System is an apparatus employing
Franz Cells for carrying out in vitro release testing (IVRT) and in vitro
permeation testing (IVPT). The system enables a researcher to measure
the release or permeation of a compound into or through membranes.
Franz Cells were invented in 1978 for this purpose and they number in the
tens of thousands in laboratories around the world. To best mimic in vivo
conditions, permeation experiments are typically done at near normal body
temperature. Therefore, the fluid inside the receptor chamber of a Franz
Cell is usually heated. Originally, Franz Cells were warmed in an incubated
environment, heater block, or a water bath where temperature and well-
stirred samples may not have been closely controlled. Franz Cells in the
V9-CA Manual Diffusion System are firmly held directly above individual
stirrers and surrounded with a “jacket” through which heated water is
circulated. The result is a safer and more secure apparatus with better
ability to control experimental variables.
PermeGear Franz Cell diffusion systems consist of a number of Franz
Cells, equipment to pump warm water through the jackets surrounding
the receptor chambers, and a holder to secure the cells and provide
stirring inside the receptor chambers. The receptor chamber fluid must be
stirred to keep the concentration of the diffusant uniform and temperature
of the chamber consistent throughout. Without sufficient mixing of the
receptor chamber fluid, samples drawn from the receptor chambers may
not accurately reflect the true amount of compound diffused and release
results may be flawed. PermeGear Franz Cell diffusion systems include
three or more jacketed Franz Cells. A V-Series Stirrer securely holds the
Franz Cells, stirs the receptor chamber fluid, and provides easy access
for connections to a warm water circulator. PermeGear provides heater/
circulators, if one is not already available in the user's lab.
PermeGear V-Series Stirrers are made for use with our Franz cells. These units do not have temperature control of any kind. They have aluminum supply manifolds mounted toward the rear that connect to a user supplied water bath and pump or heater/recirculator.
V9-CA is 30.8″/78.2cm wide x 8″/20.3cm deep x 7.25″x 18.4cm high & weight is 26 lbs/11.79 kg

Heater Circulator:
Working Temperature Range: 20ºC to 150ºC
Temperature Stability: +0.03ºC
Flow Rate: 15 L/min

Stirring RPMS:
120V 60Hz: 600 rpm +/- 10 rpm
230V 60Hz: 600 rpm +/- 10 rpm
230V 50Hz: 500 rpm +/- 10 rpm

Orifice Diameter: + 0.5 mm, typically within + 0.3 mm
Volume: + 0.5 mL of stated, typically within + 0.3 mL



Exceptional condition!

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  • PermeGear V9-CA-1 Stirrer V-Series Manual Diffusion System
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