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Flexible—combine Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis in the same instrument run

Gain flexibility in your laboratory schedule with the ability to perform both Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis runs on the same plate, at the same time. The SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer will help maximize your time by removing the need to batch samples.

Convenient—Just click. That’s it.

The SeqStudio instrument uses an innovative all-in-one cartridge with a single polymer for sequencing and fragment analysis applications. Load up your samples, click in the cartridge, and go—no need for technical experts for setup or maintenance, no calibration before each run, and no installation of individual capillaries, polymer, and anode buffer. The cartridge is stable for four or six months on the instrument depending on the reaction size of the product.


Achieve fast turnaround with a run-time of as little as 30 minutes.

Easy to use

The SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer accommodates individual cartridges designated for different experimental designs or different researchers. A cartridge-based system allows you to use only what you need, without sharing experimental reagents, and to avoid unnecessary waste. The unique cartridge design enables multiple users to share a single SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer.

An interactive touch screen interface simplifies plate, sample, and run setup. Various result formats can be viewed on the screen to help provide confidence in your experimental data.

Get up and running quickly with training included with system purchase. 

Traceability and data security

SeqStudio data collection software contains an optional Security, Audit, and Electronic Signature (SAE) module that offers an electronic data chain of custody to help ensure integrity of your data by defining security settings for each user account, incorporating comprehensive auditing of data objects and requiring authentication for changes. All settings are customizable to meet your laboratory requirements. The SAE application does require a stand-alone Thermo Fisher Scientific-purchased computer (desktop or laptop versions are available) and on-site field service engineer enablement.*


The SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer enables you to get connected to your data more easily and quickly than ever before through web browser–based software

SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer System with SmartStart

Number of capillaries 4
Number of dyes 6
Sample format 96-well standard plate and standard 8-tube strips
  • Sanger sequencing (resequencing NGS confirmation, indels, heterozygote detection, minor variant detection, microbial identification, genome editing validation)
  • Fragment analysis (microsatellite analysis, compatible with MLPA™, Applied Biosystems SNaPshot applications, cell line authentication)

    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures.


    Brand new in the box -- received directly from lab closure.  Never put into service.


      • 2018 Applied Biosystems SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer - new in box!
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