2016 SAKURA 6131 Tissue-Tek Prisma A1-S Automated Slide Stainer w/ Special Stains / Heated Stations


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SAKURA 6131 Tissue-Tek Prisma Automated Slide Stainer with Special Stains / Heated Stations

Capable of continuous loading of multiple staining protocols simultaneously.
Standard solution configuration means 30 reagent positions and 60 slides per run or expanded configuration is 52 positons and 20 slides per run. Slide stainer with special stains also features 2 heated reagent stations.

Physical Characteristics
Solution Reservoir Area
The solution reservoirs are arranged in a single-level configuration and are positioned in reservoir trays. These trays can hold multiple solution reservoirs to allow for easy
placement into and removal from the instrument. The trays are designed to ensure proper orientation when reservoirs are placed into and, when the tray is set into the

There are three different solution reservoirs: standard, expanded, and special stain.
The standard configuration (Figure 1-B) contains a total of 30 stations with six stations in the front row and eight stations each in three other rows. The standard reservoir
accommodates 680-820 ml of solution.

The expanded configuration (Figure 1-C) contains a total of 54 stations and is arranged with 6 stations in the front row and eight stations in the other six rows. The
expanded reservoir can accommodate 255 to 285 ml of solution.

The special stain reservoirs can be combined with the standard or expanded configurations. The special stain configuration (Figure 1-D) includes eight solution
reservoirs in a special removable reservoir tray and two heated solution reservoirs (only available on product #6131). The special stain reservoirs accommodate a
solution volume of 160 to 180 ml.

Also included in the solution reservoirs are the start/end stations, wash stations, and dryer stations.
Start/End Stations - the start/end stations are located in the front row of the reagent reservoirs. These reservoirs have a handle for easy removal and can be programmed
as 1 to 3 start stations and up to 5 end stations. The reservoir volume is 830 ml.
Wash Stations - the wash stations are located in the right rear of the instrument. A maximum of four and a minimum of zero can be used at one time, depending on
the setup. The reservoir volume is 850 ml.
Drying Stations - There are a total of two drying stations programmable from 30º C (86 º F) to 65º C (149ºF)


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  • SAKURA 6131 Tissue-Tek Prisma Automated Slide Stainer with Special Stains
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