Scientific Industries Enviro-Genie Incubator Shaker SI-1200, Parts or Repair

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The multi-functional Enviro-Genie is a Refrigerator / Incubator / Rotator / Rocker / Stirrer for the study of micro-organisms and tissue cell growth under strictly controlled conditions of temperature and agitation. Designed to provide the security of precise temperature control and uniformity for demanding incubation/refrigeration applications without taking up a great deal of space. It performs membrane-based assays/washings and hybridizations more efficiently. Chamber air is gently and continuously circulating at a rate that ensures the temperature consistency and uniformity of all test samples. Shatter resistant viewing window allows for inspection of samples without affecting the chamber environment. Microprocessor control easily achieves desired rotating, rocking, and stirring speed; temperature; and time; all of which are shown on a large, easy to read display for accurate reproducible conditions. Visible and audible alarms for both temperature and time. Precise temperature control and uniformity - range from 4.0 degree C to 75.0 degree C. Two low/high speed magnetic stirrers incorporated. Shatterproof window allows for inspection of samples without disturbing chamber environment. A variety of accessories are available to provide maximum application versatility. Equipped with RS232 port for data acquisition/remote operation. Heating 75 degree C and Cooling 4 degree C Temperature. Resolution 1.0 degree C. Rotating 1-35 rpm, Rocking 2-70 cycles per minute, Stirring 1-2000 rpm (including Stir Reverse). Platform Capacity 4.5 Kg, Programmable Time to 96 Hours. Alarms Visible and Audible for Temperature and Time


For parts or repair only. The unit powers on, heater blower and platform motion activates. There is deformation of the chamber walls which does not allow the platform to rotate freely, see pictures.


  • Scientific Industries Enviro-Genie SI-1200 refrigerated incubator shaker


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